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been a while since i’ve posted. Here are some updates. PUBG with gus is amazing, i’ll post the youtube videos later. WoW was shit for a bit, pretty much tuned out of mythic, fucked off my monk and rogue and just recently got back to my mage DnD has been good. Only played a couple posts   Needed to stop delaying this update. hopefully, further Read More →

New DnD campaign

internal conflict within our party led to our last campaign falling apart. We’ve managed to organise to play every wednesday so i’m looking forward to getting back into it again. This time i’ll be playing a sorcerer, Zastri¬†Aurum. With the family line inheriting the blood of a golden dragon, our family is situated in a small locality called Deep, where the locals religiously dig to Read More →

Mythic Sisters!

first of all i just have to let everyone know how terrible my gear is. I have 3 pieces of tier 20, one of which is a chest piece. I have BiS single target legendary chest piece. so that’s a no go. I have 921 ilvl and only 914 equipped. Fuckers in my guild run Heroic every wednesday, which i can’t make. Pugs are absolute Read More →

Back into it

so ive been having some fun with my mage. Got my two arcane legs, got BIS legs so thats a plus. Fucked around a bit on my monk, still having a whole heap of internal debate to swap to rogue. Mage i’ll just keep for fun, i dont like ranged as much as melee, its just too much fun being able to move and DPS. Read More →

Queenstown timelapse

Sit back and enjoy this little timelapse i did one day ūüôā

Holiday Spam

Holy every loving fuck. I spammed the shit out of myself. i was getting denies and approvals , which was multiposting itself 100000 fucking times. i was going to fix it and continue my blog like normal when i was away but i was away and its a pita to fix on mobile. GG.


Absolute ripper of q view from our lodge


Nothing says goodbye to Sydney like an airport maccas meal. Sent from my iPhone

ToS week 2

Got some decent 920 shoulders from my weekly. Only managed to push a +13 . simming at 917k. A LOT better than last week. With the buffs and some new pieces i should be able to keep up in the meters now. Not sure what the plan is regarding normal/heroic/mythic. Hopefully we can do heroic tonight and finish it off then work on mythic tomorrow. Read More →

WW BUFFS??? Monk Windwalker Damage of all abilities increased by 2.5%. Fists of Fury damage increased by 12%.   Looking at the discussions on the Forums it looks like a ~5% buff to our damage. Woooo. ¬†Hopefully they address everything we brought up in the AMA and fix our scaling. I’d be perfectly happy with a middle of the pack class, if we were there.

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