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Lot has been going on. Following a promotion I’ve been moved to manage the I.T in a company 1 1/2 away. Along with that came a new work car and a laptop. Looking forward to running some LFR on my monk (they’re actually not that shit anymore :O) at work. Still really crushing on Rainbow6 , the game has a lot of pitfalls but for Read More →

Battlegrounds FPP Duo wins Ft . Carrot-Slat

Here are two clips of myself and Gus winning some duo’s. Aussie servers are fan-fucking-tastic.      

First Post

I’ve always struggled with the beginning and end of of a project.  I  find it a lot easier if i have a push in the right direction or have someone go “yes, that’s done”. I can’t really have someone help me out here as that defeats the entire purpose of this blog; to be my journal about things i can’t or don’t want to share. Read More →