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The rain makes the water grow

Sneak peak into our monster mamma jam.

In Velkynvelve

Part I In Velkynvelve, where spiders dwell, And darkness seems innate, The hearts of men and women swell with fear that sours to hate, Four comrades slumber restless, They are not of this place. Pursuing glory, gold or God, Down paths un-trod they pace. A foot at the door, The Druid saw “Ah, a dream”, he thought, But charcoal skin dream’t Duma not As a Read More →

Tales from the Front

Dnd backgrounds Grak grumbled to himself, displeased with his drawing of the short cactus needle for the third time in a row. Stuck with sentry duty after another glorious day of raiding was not something any orc wished for himself, especially with the feasting going on in the distant firelight behind him. Nonetheless he took his work seriously. Camped a hundred yards out amongst the Read More →

Zastri’s backstory draft #2

My family works for one of the local Oligarchs digging for precious metals, mostly gold. We were never well off and I lived with my widowed grandmother, my mother, and my father in a small dwelling on the outskirts of town. Well, I did until my parents died in a tunnel collapse. From then on it was just me and my grandmother until I was Read More →

New DnD campaign

internal conflict within our party led to our last campaign falling apart. We’ve managed to organise to play every wednesday so i’m looking forward to getting back into it again. This time i’ll be playing a sorcerer, Zastri Aurum. With the family line inheriting the blood of a golden dragon, our family is situated in a small locality called Deep, where the locals religiously dig to Read More →