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Week 1- Raid 1

Currently finishing off normal. Lets see how avatar goes. Hopefully we can not be retards and fuck up the knives for the billionth time. fuck 0 fps, totally moved out on my screen. nope died to unbound chaos . calling BS on that. lol we killed avatar. time for KJ ezpz mode. fuck i forgot to bonus roll for tier kill me 3 bosses down. Read More →

Tomb of Sargeras

Okay i totally had to look up how to spell that correctly. I thought it should be Sargaeras, but whatever. Tomb opened up Yesterday wed 21/6/17. I managed to get my way through 7/9 bosses on normal, 6 with my guild. I didn’t particularly look any up, i was hoping to do that prior to the raid but got invited to some mythic + which Read More →

First Post

I’ve always struggled with the beginning and end of of a project.  I  find it a lot easier if i have a push in the right direction or have someone go “yes, that’s done”. I can’t really have someone help me out here as that defeats the entire purpose of this blog; to be my journal about things i can’t or don’t want to share. Read More →

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