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The rain makes the water grow

Sneak peak into our monster mamma jam.

Zastri’s backstory draft #2

My family works for one of the local Oligarchs digging for precious metals, mostly gold. We were never well off and I lived with my widowed grandmother, my mother, and my father in a small dwelling on the outskirts of town. Well, I did until my parents died in a tunnel collapse. From then on it was just me and my grandmother until I was Read More →


Lot has been going on. Following a promotion I’ve been moved to manage the I.T in a company 1 1/2 away. Along with that came a new work car and a laptop. Looking forward to running some LFR on my monk (they’re actually not that shit anymore :O) at work. Still really crushing on Rainbow6 , the game has a lot of pitfalls but for Read More →


UPON FOLLOWING OUR GOOD FELLOW FRIEND JAM (rumoured to be played by Angus Kerr) we sneakily avoided all followers (assumed by Asbjorn) to the caves leading down to the good ol family friendly Underdark! Asbjorn proceeded to speak complete tripe to two independent contractor Ogres backed by trusty lil’ Yotty, the party then continued on, avoiding the Ogres completely. JAM the cunt, led us into Read More →

Chapter 9

Chapter Nine (or, shit i should have done ages ago) We snuck about the town searching for help. First we saw the REVEREND painbearer who flipped the religion of YOTTY and ASBJO on its head, shattering some close held beliefs by revealing the real reason behing Deep’s construction and continuous burrowing nature THE ANCIENT STONE THIEF. We then swapped our relic for his TP scroll Read More →

The Slump

comes and goes. Turned off WoW yet again, doing a +12 seat with mac was actually amazing. closest dungeon to a raid. Would pray for proper 10 mans again.   Moving onto playing more PUBG with gus and ferris. This turned into Rainbow6.   Why didn’t i get into this game 2 years ago when i bought it. It’s beautiful. Such a cool concept. Running Read More →

Battlegrounds FPP Duo wins Ft . Carrot-Slat

Here are two clips of myself and Gus winning some duo’s. Aussie servers are fan-fucking-tastic.      


been a while since i’ve posted. Here are some updates. PUBG with gus is amazing, i’ll post the youtube videos later. WoW was shit for a bit, pretty much tuned out of mythic, fucked off my monk and rogue and just recently got back to my mage DnD has been good. Only played a couple posts   Needed to stop delaying this update. hopefully, further Read More →

New DnD campaign

internal conflict within our party led to our last campaign falling apart. We’ve managed to organise to play every wednesday so i’m looking forward to getting back into it again. This time i’ll be playing a sorcerer, ZastriĀ Aurum. With the family line inheriting the blood of a golden dragon, our family is situated in a small locality called Deep, where the locals religiously dig to Read More →

Mythic Sisters!

first of all i just have to let everyone know how terrible my gear is. I have 3 pieces of tier 20, one of which is a chest piece. I have BiS single target legendary chest piece. so that’s a no go. I have 921 ilvl and only 914 equipped. Fuckers in my guild run Heroic every wednesday, which i can’t make. Pugs are absolute Read More →

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