“When will you be back?” said the spore.
“Soon enough, son. Its just one more job for the Drow, a simple grab and go slave trade”
“Why do you help the Drow take so many slaves dad?”
“We have to, otherwise we don’t get to live the way we do. Would you like to wake up each day and worry about the Drow, the Duergar or the Mind Flayers coming to get us? We all have to do our part to ensure you and your sister can grow up strong members of the colony some day”
“I want grow up to be exactly like you some day Dad”
The adult fungi pats the spore gentle on the head. He looks into the tunnel.
“You will someday, I’m sure of it”
The fungi strides into the tunnel, to face a party of adventures lost in the Underdark. They don’t know he and his partner are coming. They don’t even know the Drow are following them. What could go wrong? He’ll certainly be home for tea.

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