Lot has been going on. Following a promotion I’ve been moved to manage the I.T in a company 1 1/2 away.
Along with that came a new work car and a laptop. Looking forward to running some LFR on my monk (they’re actually not that shit anymore :O) at work.

Still really crushing on Rainbow6 , the game has a lot of pitfalls but for what it’s worth it is still an amazingly intricate game. Map knowledge is still the biggest limiter when learning.

Recently received my schiit stack from the U.S (fuck buying them locally, saved so much even with the $60 international shipping). Absolutely amazing combination with my HD 6XX.

I’ve got my hands on the Adobe CC suite, so when i decide to get off my ass and do something creative , like actually update my blog, I’ll start looking into editing some R6 footage. I’m thinking of something along the lines of FrankieOnPc. Get the Hank and Gus commentary going.

I’ve also created a new page for DnD updates and created a user login for the boys to upload posts about DND.

Hopefully i find more time to update this more frequently.


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