Chapter 9

Chapter Nine (or, shit i should have done ages ago)

We snuck about the town searching for help. First we saw the REVEREND painbearer who flipped the religion of YOTTY and ASBJO on its head, shattering some close held beliefs by revealing the real reason behing Deep’s construction and continuous burrowing nature THE ANCIENT STONE THIEF. We then swapped our relic for his TP scroll and he showed us his TP circle.

The party then went to visit John Lawson to ask about the Orcs and their plans. It was revealed that they were digging for something. Asbjo then firmly questioned Johnno on his KNOWLEDGE of the Ancient Stone Thief, Johnno the mad cunt didnt know shit and was confused by the whole thing.

The third act took place in Zastie puddings house, where the he had hoped to speak to his grandmother. The party ambushed some cunt and he died before he was able to answer any questions! In the silence that followed the party detected a small cheeky cunt hiding in the closet like a poofta. IT turned out to be JAM the fruit. And upon questioning him something was revealed but i can’t remember it

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