UPON FOLLOWING OUR GOOD FELLOW FRIEND JAM (rumoured to be played by Angus Kerr) we sneakily avoided all followers (assumed by Asbjorn) to the caves leading down to the good ol family friendly Underdark! Asbjorn proceeded to speak complete tripe to two independent contractor Ogres backed by trusty lil’ Yotty, the party then continued on, avoiding the Ogres completely. JAM the cunt, led us into the dining hall of our good, soon to be dead friends the ORCS! We then lost a punching fight while we had swords to the orcs, eventually spreading them upon thy mighty blades. We tied a cunt up. Jam the half Doughnut led us into more shit where we were precariously assaulted by flying javelin, thanks to that twat missing an eye, the Orc Eye of Gruumsh. Thanks to the daring of the fam squad Zastri squared his trio of orcs were laid to rest, among the dirt covering the floor. The mad poofta then threw down his weapons and told us some shit about treasure which that dumb prick asbJOrn assumed was the truth.

It wasn’t

Shortly meeting a spear to the chest, ol Jo collapsed, all knocked out like. The Yacht then met face, via mace. Cleaving head a twain. QUICK FUCKING STABILISATION LATER and the crew were on the loose again. Lookin for Zastri’s ol Nan.

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