The Slump

comes and goes.

Turned off WoW yet again, doing a +12 seat with mac was actually amazing. closest dungeon to a raid.

Would pray for proper 10 mans again.


Moving onto playing more PUBG with gus and ferris.

This turned into Rainbow6.


Why didn’t i get into this game 2 years ago when i bought it. It’s beautiful. Such a cool concept.

Running around with remote control drones learning the map, finding the enemies, so refreshing.

Gunplay is amazing, slow characters but that’s actually a good thing.

I’m not a massive fan of attackers peeking advantage but i think it had to be like that otherwise defense would just be too strong.


Expect some videos/posts about this. I’ve got Gus and ferris involved.


I’m trying to get my hands on a managed switch from work, rate limiting everyone would be amazing. I also need to get my cisco WAPs working properly. the wifi is there but the controller device is running in some arbitrary log in details.



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