New DnD campaign

internal conflict within our party led to our last campaign falling apart. We’ve managed to organise to play every wednesday so i’m looking forward to getting back into it again.

This time i’ll be playing a sorcerer, Zastri Aurum. With the family line inheriting the blood of a golden dragon, our family is situated in a small locality called Deep, where the locals religiously dig to fill an endless pit.

My family works for one of the local Ogliarchs, digging for precious metals. Namely Gold. My family was never well off, i lived with my widowed grandmother, mother and father. They died in a tunnel collapse when i was young. My grandmother took care of me from there, before my digging pilgrimage , she let me know of our history.

We are the lineage of a marriage between a human and a Gold dragon. Zastri Aurum, my namesake, was a monk at the
H’Ank temple. During one of his many mountain pilgrimages he went into a cave to study the magical mushrooms there. During his venture he slipped and fell into a crevice. He fell for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly , he recalls, a flashing golden light appeared and the most beautiful woman he has ever seen emerged from it.

They instantly fell in love. He doesn’t recall how they managed to leave the cave, only that she remained by his side as he recovered from what he believed was just a fall. Originally , she told Zastri, She needed a human to stay with to hide from the Sasadi as they wanted to attempt to control her to fight for them in the war.

However, they quickly fell in love, married and bore many children together. They lived a peaceful life in the H’Ank mountains. Until the Sasadi found them. They  found their dragon. They murdered everyone  they could. Fatally wounding Zastri’s wife. In her final dying moments, she managed to teleport Zastri and his children away from the H’Ank temple all the way to Deep.

I was awestruck by this knowledge. no way could i be of a dragon. But by grandmother assured me that this was true. She even held an amulet made of pure gold. Etched in the coins were the words “When the light of Gold and Fire is cast, evil has no where to hide”. This wouldn’t be that amazing too me, for i had no idea what that meant. The thing that stuck out to me though, was that it wasn’t in common yet i still knew exactly what it meant.

it was Draconic.

My grandmother handed me the amulet telling me that if i’m in a dangerous situation, speaking the words etched in the coin will help me.




That’s all i’ve got so far. From there i’ll work on how im meeting up with the party as i missed the first session.




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