Mythic Sisters!

first of all i just have to let everyone know how terrible my gear is. I have 3 pieces of tier 20, one of which is a chest piece. I have BiS single target legendary chest piece. so that’s a no go. I have 921 ilvl and only 914 equipped.

Fuckers in my guild run Heroic every wednesday, which i can’t make. Pugs are absolute aids atm until i get AoTC. Might have to just suck it up and raid on wednesday.


Sisters is fun as fuck, super difficult to wrap my head around the first time. Made a couple of terrible mistakes. The fight basically goes like this

  • Everyone is split up into groups. When the eclipse crosses the room you have to organise with your group to cross over into the other moon colour , this does raid wide damage and removes your debuff
  • if you go back and forth it does raid wide damage
  •  every now and then everyone has to stack up to remove a healing shield, one person also gets a laser beam that they have to aim so the whole raid soaks it with them
  • phase two – a birdie comes that screeches for raid wide damage every so often
  • massive glaive comes that splits into three parts twice. these do about 3.7 mil damage, if you hit one and take any more damage you dead
  • fuck if i remember what phase 3 is
  • on top of this there is a random glaive that goes every now and then
  • a dot that does a fuckload of damage that you have to clear by going into the opposite lunar phase
  • a REALLY hard hitting dot that acts the same way, only lasts 5 seconds
  • static AOE that does damage in a certain location for ~15 seconds


really fun, really messy. This was my first go at mythic in like a month, i was rusty as fuck and undergeared.


I’m having more fun with sub. It practically plays out exactly like serenity. Get all your cooldowns, debuff on target, pop CD’s and burst like a mofo. Will probably look to swap to rogue because of this. Way better AOE, way better ST, 3 dps specs, FUCKLOAD MORE SURVIVABILITY.

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