ToS week 2

Got some decent 920 shoulders from my weekly. Only managed to push a +13 . simming at 917k. A LOT better than last week. With the buffs and some new pieces i should be able to keep up in the meters now.

Not sure what the plan is regarding normal/heroic/mythic. Hopefully we can do heroic tonight and finish it off then work on mythic tomorrow.

Looking forward. will update come raid tonight.




went to bed, raid went well. Knocked out all of normal and beat the three bitches on heroic. Got 3 pieces of tier, one of which is a chest so i pretty much have 2 pieces of tier. Won’t swap over until i can complete a 4 piece, i’ve got enough t19 to run 4+2. Mythic tonight. keen as a bean.

Sims have been good, got beat a few times by other monk, especially on AOE fights. Katsuo’s and WDP is just too good.

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