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Holy moly i was so excited for this. Babs from / made a nice post in the discord and forums about getting all these questions ready.

They really dodged a lot of these questions. its such a nightmare. How could they possibly argue against cold hard facts staring them in the face? WW do less damage than everyone bar survival hunters.

How could you open an AMA and dodge questions. You literally just made everyone more angry.

We did get SOME responses though so i can’t take everything away from it. quoting from Bab’s post on peak (


  • “While I understand the reasoning behind the FoF nerf in order to balance single target / aoe dps it has led to a situation where it’s theoretically better to cancel FoF mid channel during serenity. Is this something that you’re aware of and comfortable with?”

Nimox said: Situations that come up like this are almost never intended when it’s just stopping one DPS button for another DPS button. Channeled spells can be an exception to this, such as Mind Flay or Drain Soul where it’s a “filler” spell, and it is awesome if you make the decision to interrupt a damaging spell for utility or healing. When you press Fists of Fury, we intend you to let the ability run its course before moving on in your DPS rotation.


  • “A large part of the reason many have been attracted to Windwalker is their consistency. However, our new t20 2piece works against this, adding a certain level of inconsistency to the cooldown of Fists of Fury. While all together the class still flows well (especially once 4piece is achieved), it does still add a level of RNG to a spec that is seemingly designed around flow and consistency. Should we be worried about having more proc based tier or abilities in the future?”

Nimox said: We try to be very aware of introducing too many extra things into a spec when designing things like a set bonus. It is important as you stated that things do flow well both before getting a set bonus, with the 2-piece bonus only, and with the whole 4-piece bonus.

While we don’t have plans to suddenly introduce a bunch of new RNG or important must-watch procs to Windwalkers currently, it is very important feedback to give if you feel like the spec starts to feel too different to play, or suddenly feels like too many decisions are being made by RNG or decisions being made based on procs or lack of procs.



So hopefully they’re going to be buffing FoF so we’re not having to cancel it for a second RSK before serenity finishes. It’s fine if you’re playing with a filler channel. FoF does 25% of our damage, it just shouldn’t make any sense to cancel it at all. Looking forward to that buff.


nothing to really about to the second question. i’ve yet to play with the tier 20 set bonus at all.


Now the big stir was really about how they responded to this


  • Looking at the available data, do you have plans for Windwalker Monks in order to bring them up closer to the average? What are they?
  • Do you have a plan for fixing the overall scaling problems present for Windwalkers? What is it, if you do?

ohhhh man. They basically said we didn’t have enough data to support this but they were thinking about buffs if its the right thing. practically just a massive deflection .



Blizzard really need to have open comms and just have someone own the class designs. Holy fuck it is seemingly a nightmare over there. All we need is justification for every change. Clear and open comms.
I still remain hopeful.


Monk for life.


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