Week 1- Raid 1

  • Currently finishing off normal. Lets see how avatar goes. Hopefully we can not be retards and fuck up the knives for the billionth time.
  • fuck 0 fps, totally moved out on my screen. nope died to unbound chaos . calling BS on that.
  • lol we killed avatar. time for KJ ezpz mode.
  • fuck i forgot to bonus roll for tier kill me
  • 3 bosses down. bonus rolled feet twice. fucking kill me.
  • 5 bosses down. Moon gurls was hard. so much random shit. Got a massive ring upgrade with a socket that i’m happy with.
  • LOVED the naga bitch. What a nightmare of a fight. trying to learn SCK rotation all over again was a nightmare.


good night of raiding overall. keen for sunday to see how far we get!

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