Tomb of Sargeras

Okay i totally had to look up how to spell that correctly. I thought it should be Sargaeras, but whatever.

Tomb opened up Yesterday wed 21/6/17. I managed to get my way through 7/9 bosses on normal, 6 with my guild. I didn’t particularly look any up, i was hoping to do that prior to the raid but got invited to some mythic + which i had been slacking on doing on my monk for way too long. So i just googled a quick guide and found a “minimalist ” one on reddit. My god that helped immensely. I could not keep my attention on our raid leader as he was explaining the fights. Besides, i learn a lot more from doing. Here are some of my thoughts so far.

  • i totally didn’t know where the entrance was – how didn’t i know? i’m retarded
  • don’t worry i figured it out (its at the entrance of the MASSIVE FUCKING BUILDING ON THE NEW ZONE
  • the look and feel of the place is amazing. I didn’t get over Nighthold and i doubt i’ll get over this place – bar some of the run backs
  • WHY ISNT THERE LORE?? fuck do i care if its been locked up for 12 billion years. the insurrection story line was amazing.
  • boss fights are fun as fuck, dps isn’t amazing but i don’t have 4 piece yet
  • how am i going to balance legionaries and 4+2 fuck you blizzard
  • fights are fun as fuck with the mobility of my monk
  • love the AOE and cleave fights
  • some people in our guild don’t realise how “hardcore” mythic ready guilds are compared to those who out gear heroic at the end of the tier cycle and want to try the first 3 guilds (seriously, look at the amount of guilds that got stuck at 3/10 because they thought they could do mythic
  • i got fuck all from my rolls
  • KJ was a fun fight. loved the intermission. You can tell they were going for a great fight like they came up with for Lei Shen at the end of ToT. Hopefully heroic and mythic lives up to this hype

Hopefully we can get the core team dialed down and make some good progress tonight.  I’m keen to start making progress and getting gear. 5 weeks of raid extension to try and get mythic guldan was a nightmare for my ilvl and e-peen. ESPECIALLY SINCE I MISSED THE TIME THEY GOT CURVE. FUCK.

Wants from tonight:


  1. tighten the fuck out our team, last night was a bit of a joke. Maiden fight is super fucking simple. Stay with people who have the some colour as you. Hit the same colour as you. Time the bomb to go off so you’re not falling for a fuckload of time. THATS FUCKING IT. That pissed off our GM and raid leader.
  2. Get some fucking tier pieces
  3. hopefully not get rekt in DPS
  4. progress a bit – im keen for the mythic race on our server, we’re probably looking at a race for 3/4th


I sincerely hope i remember to update this during the raid. (bring NBN so i can stream FFS).




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