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ToS week 2

Got some decent 920 shoulders from my weekly. Only managed to push a +13 . simming at 917k. A LOT better than last week. With the buffs and some new pieces i should be able to keep up in the meters now. Not sure what the plan is regarding normal/heroic/mythic. Hopefully we can do heroic tonight and finish it off then work on mythic tomorrow. Read More →

WW BUFFS??? Monk Windwalker Damage of all abilities increased by 2.5%. Fists of Fury damage increased by 12%.   Looking at the discussions on the Forums it looks like a ~5% buff to our damage. Woooo.  Hopefully they address everything we brought up in the AMA and fix our scaling. I’d be perfectly happy with a middle of the pack class, if we were there.

Week 1 Raid 3

I missed Sunday due to personal reasons so going straight to 3. Bunch of people were happy with a Monday night raid so away we went. I was really looking forward to this raid due to a few things; BiS ring – juicy crit and vers concordance running serenity 970 emperors capacitor   ohhh the difference it made. We managed to get avatar down after Read More →

Reddit AMA

Holy moly i was so excited for this. Babs from / made a nice post in the discord and forums about getting all these questions ready. They really dodged a lot of these questions. its such a nightmare. How could they possibly argue against cold hard facts staring them in the face? WW do less damage than everyone bar survival hunters. How could Read More →


Well it turns out im terrible i re simmed my gear, why did i stop using that spellblade trinket? forgot my new gear after AMR put on territrash gear finally got concordance serenity again   killing it now. missed out on heroic. Ah wells. Maybe ill hop on tonight.

Week 1- Raid 1

Currently finishing off normal. Lets see how avatar goes. Hopefully we can not be retards and fuck up the knives for the billionth time. fuck 0 fps, totally moved out on my screen. nope died to unbound chaos . calling BS on that. lol we killed avatar. time for KJ ezpz mode. fuck i forgot to bonus roll for tier kill me 3 bosses down. Read More →

Tomb of Sargeras

Okay i totally had to look up how to spell that correctly. I thought it should be Sargaeras, but whatever. Tomb opened up Yesterday wed 21/6/17. I managed to get my way through 7/9 bosses on normal, 6 with my guild. I didn’t particularly look any up, i was hoping to do that prior to the raid but got invited to some mythic + which Read More →

First Post

I’ve always struggled with the beginning and end of of a project.  I  find it a lot easier if i have a push in the right direction or have someone go “yes, that’s done”. I can’t really have someone help me out here as that defeats the entire purpose of this blog; to be my journal about things i can’t or don’t want to share. Read More →